I'm back! I'm back at my desk with a hot cup of vanilla scented assam tea, thoroughly showered yet my hair still retains the campfire smoke and the slight aches in my body remind me that I just spent a week at Glastonbury.

I'm not going to write much today, I still have to empty the rucksacks and feed the washing machine. My head feels light and yet heavy as the adrenalin fades and a week's worth of sleep deprivation kicks in.

It's so quiet! My ears are picking up the tiniest sounds that yesterday would have seemed so insignificant. They have been busy tuning out generators and music and the loud crashes that emanated from trash city and now they strain to readjust to the quiet hum of my Mac.

My fears of mud baths and trench foot were unfounded, just one night of rain threatened to repeat last years fiasco and people had prepared with the most amazing array of colourful wellies that I think they would have been disappointed had there not been a chance to wear them.

The cafe crew were fantastic. No arguments and no accidents to spoil the atmosphere of goodwill that bound us all together.

We didn't feel compelled to see it all and consume Glastonbury till we were sick. We saw Amy Winehouse and Vampire Weekend and jumped as high as we could at Manu Chao. Mostly we wandered and absorbed it all with open hearts, drifting effortlessly through the crowds with our hands in each others. When it was time for a shift we put on our aprons and scrubbed our nails and felt happy to be part of something so amazing.

Thank you for all your prayers and lovely words. They worked you know! You sent me off with a spring in my step and a friendly arm around my shoulders.

Now I really must get back in the kitchen and cook something that I can eat!