June 23, 2008

Pray for Me - I'm Going to Glastonbury....

Just a little post to let you know that I'm off to Glastonbury for a week tomorrow. I'll be working with Nick in the Fat Belly Puppet Cafe. If you're going to be there and you want to come see me, I'll be the muddy one brandishing a large cleaver and chopping anything in sight at high speed like the chef from the muppets.

I have been filling the freezer with food for Fin during my absence, I've made carrot pulp bread, carrot muffins, lemon cakes, banana bread, bananas ready for ice-cream and my own version of Larabars in two flavours, hazelnut caramel and lemon pie. I'll be posting recipes for all of these when I'm back.  Not wanting to confuse my mother in law with lists of what Fin can and can't eat - I thought it easier to write a complete menu of meals and snacks for the week and provide all the meals myself, albeit frozen. What I will eat myself at Glastonbury remains a mystery, but so far I'm taking two dozen eggs, tuna, mayonnaise, a sack of carrots, nut bread and lots of raw nuts - I may need to pack some prunes and seek out a juice bar I think (sorry if that's too much information). I may just go and graze in the hedges if I start to feel deprived of greens......

So, Peanut Butter Boy - I won't be able to bake any cupcakes for your Great Peanut Butter Exhibition, but I look forward to drooling over the other contributions.

Carrie - I can't believe that I won't be contributing to Go Ahead Honey It's Gluten Free! I have made so many one pot meals and wished to measure and photograph them but failed miserably. In fact, I have three on the go now - Saffron and Fresh Bay Infused Slow Cooked Lamb Stew, Light Roast Chicken Stew and Buttered Leek and Squash Soup. Boy is Fin going to eat well this week! Good luck with the event anyway - if you decide to extend the deadline for any reason, just let me know and I'll contribute on my return.

So, say a little prayer for me folks, as I enter into the valley of mud with my courage screwed to the sticking place and a little flame of hope alight in my heart, that this one, this year will be the year when the gentle sun shines and sweet breeze cools and my wellies stay packed in their bag.