Stuffing A Grape - And Other Things That Make Nick Roll His Eyes

Well, today was officially simply gluten free day when I got to prowl my way through Carol's gluten free blog and pull out some morsels to try. You see, I adopted Carol through the 'adopt a gluten free blogger' scheme for motherless celiacs who wish to be gathered up and comforted by another blogger in this little old world of gluten free blogging.

I love Carol's enthusaism, she just gets on and does stuff you know? As you read her witty and informative posts you can sense the smile playing about the corners of her mouth and the crinkle of an eye smiling with pleasure.

Her recipes are so full of flavour, spiced mexican chocolate cake,tomato soup spiked with tequila(arriva! arriva!)andgreen pozole, all sang to me off the page.

However, I have had some week this week and although I had wanted to attempt the mocha macaroons, sugar is most definately off the agenda at the moment, so no, not those. I was going to try the pozole, but realised I didn't have some of the ingredients and so I settled on Spanish mushroom tapas and red grapes stuffed with goat cheese. The tapas I chose because I love, love, love Spanish food and have been wanting to try some grilled polenta; the cheese stuffed grapes - well I was intrigued, but maybe I did it to irritate Nick, who rolled his eye and said, 'who has time to stuff a grape?'. Well I guess I do, although I think mine look a little less finished than Carol's.....

I'm not going to give you recipes as you can find them on Carol's blog. The only changes I made were with the tapas which I made the polenta for myself as I've not really seen the pre-cooked kind. I also managed to forget parsley at the green grocers... I used smoked Spanish pimenton in the mushrooms and they were really delicious.

Go check out Carol's blog and see what you would like to make yourself.