The Loveliest Flat Place I know

I'm away at the moment - hence the lack of posts recently. Just now I'm at my father's house in Norfolk (the loveliest flat place I know). It is a wonderful place to be, warm and beautiful with woods for Fin to frolic in, gentle people to chat and wander with and the most amazing rambling house that my father has been tenderly restoring for the last twenty years and more. This place has heart and soul in spades, it grounds me in such a way that I can feel it soothing and healing my fragile etheric body and bringing it to rest back where it should be.

I'm not going to spend much time here today, I'll be back on Thursday with some delicious things to post. Before I went I made some cardamom and almond white chocolate and some moist and satisfying banana muffins. I'm perfecting my technique for nut milk and making some cracking soups. When we get back I plan to make a succulent garlicky beef burger cradled between two juicy grilled portobella mushrooms and accompanied by some sweet roast cherry tomatoes on the vine.....

Just now though, I'm going back to my family, to be cradled myself.

x x x