Seeds of Change Fig Chocolate and That Cream Again....

Yes Folks, believe it or not, cream was consumed by Finley at two meals today. I bought home a bar of Seeds of Change organic, dark chocolate with orange oil and figs and Finley had plans for it almost immediately.

'I would like some of that cream in a glass and a long piece of chocolate so that I can dip it in and suck the cream off' were his exact words.

But Finley, don't you want some fruit with that cream, a banana or a lovely ripe persimmon, or look, a pomegranate (Fin loves pomegranates with a sprinkle of rosewater).

'Look, just give me the cream in a glass and a piece of chocolate ok - that's all I want'

And that's what he had. Contentedly sucking away on the chocolate until it had mostly melted into his fingers and on his face. I liked the simplicity of the desert so much, I just had to share an image with you.