Oh Lord! Won't You Buy Me Some Arrowroot Flour?

Well chaps, it seems that I am to be endlessly thwarted in my search for some arrowroot flour to make a light and chewy biscuit to dip in my afternoon tea.

My flour order arrived this morning and as I tore off the packaging and lifted out the bags of Teff (ooh!) , pecan meal (ahh!) , and tapioca starch (mmm!) there appeared to be a space at the bottom of the box where the arrowroot flour should be (also the brazil nut meal and coconut flour). I made a strangled noise as the realisation of my disappointment hit me - something like, 'whaark?' - and I understood that there would be no arrowroot anything emerging from my oven today.

I think I may have to put arrowroot on my list for Santa - or Farmer Christmas as Finley resolutely calls him.

I like to think of Farmer Christmas toiling in the snowy fields of Lapland and pulling up completely wrapped presents as though they were frozen turnips.

Anyway, I digress. I'm putting arrowroot on my Christmas list - Fin emailed his already to farmer Christmas at northpole dot com, asking for some Lego star wars figures, some blackcurrant Pastiglie Leone (gorgeously packaged pastilles) and some Bonfante Specialita Noccionlini (tiny hazelnut macaroons). That boy has taste! He was going to put a chocolate item on the list too, but I said Father Christmas would probably have to choose between that and the nocciolini, so he left it off. 'I really want those nocciolini mum' he said wistfully.

Now I have to find somewhere outside Italy that sells these niche items or perfect my tiny macaroon skills......