Just What The Doctor Ordered

Well I woke up this morning feeling a little brighter. In fact Nick mentioned that I seemed a little brighter this morning as I shuffled into breakfast with my pyjamas baggy at the knee and my hair bizarrely parted. I mean yesterday, I must have looked really quite lukewarm. It may have been the vitamin C that did it, or the homeopathic remedy I took. Or maybe it was the curry that I craved and ordered, and Nick bought home like a knight in a very well fitting black coat with a bag full of tinfoil covered spicy joy.

I think they thought me a little odd when I ordered because it was just curry and vegetables.
'Any nan bread madam?' no thanks!,
'any poppadoms?', no thanks!,
'rice?' erm, no thanks!
(now with a slightly alarmed tone), 'no bread, no poppadom, no rice madam - are you sure?' yes, I'll cook my own rice, thank you for your concern for my carbohydrate needs but that really is all. (I didn't say that - it's just for your benefit)

You see, I always like to have a nice chewy bit of brown basmati with a curry and toss in a few chunks of something salady - like fresh tomato. Then I can kid myself it's not quite so full of ghee.