Hmmm. I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. A bit weak and headachy and sore throaty. I was going to get on with my retro recipe book challenge dish, but I just feel a bit too, you know, bleh....

Anyway, I didn't start writing a post to let you know how limp I'm feeling and garner lots of e-sympathy. I have been doing a little research on UK gluten free flour suppliers and come up with a few websites that should be useful. Be warned that only Dietary Needs Direct sell certified organic flours. If you buy from the other suppliers it may be worth getting a machine to test for the presence of gluten. Celiac Travel have information about these.

Dietary Needs Direct
This site is my favourite so far for all the basic ingredients a celiac might need - but they also do a great line in catering to many other food allergies too and everything is listed according to allergy. They have too much to list and so far the only flour I haven't been able to get from them is sorghum. For everything else, from brazilnut meal, teff, arrowroot and coconut flour to quinoa pops and some gluten free liquorice that made Fin's eyes pop out with delight - shop here for a great selection and great service. Sell certified gluten free flours.
Supply the following: Xanthan gum, brown rice flour, chestnut flour, chickpea flour, cornflour, cornmeal, maize flour, potato flour, quinoa flour, white rice flour, brown rice flour and tapoica flour. Not certified gluten free.

Supply the following: coconut flour, chickpea flour (gram flour), ground rice, rice flour and white maize meal. Not certified gluten free.

The Asian Cook Shop
Supply the following: dhosa mix flour (pea and rice), matpe flour (bean and rice), glutinous rice flour, chickpea (gram) flour, ground rice, maize meal, red lentil (masoor) flour, millet (bajri) flour, cassava flour, nigerian bean flour, sorghum (juwar) flour and the elusive sweet potato flour. They are good communicators and will let you know if there is any problem with the order. Free delivery over a certain amount. Not certified gluten free.

Spices of India
Supply the following: Pearl millet (bajri) flour, sorghum (juwar) flour, red lentil (masoor) flour, finger millet (ragi) flour, red amaranth (rajagro) flour, dhokra (chickpea and rice) flour and puffed rice (mamra). Plus any number of spices and Indian ingredients - I bought rose powder and some herbal hair preparation that promised to make me young again.... Free delivery over £30. Not certified gluten free.