All The Floury Goodness a Girl Could Ask For

Well I have done a little more snooping about on the old Internet and found a great site for anyone with obscure dietary needs (or even not so obscure ones) in the UK. It's based in Worcestershire and their site is easy to navigate, with each product clearly labeled for intolerance.

Their range of flours is impressive - in fact, too long for me to list here, just let me say that they had the longed for arrowroot, Teff flour (woo hoo!) chestnut flour, tapoica flour, coconut flour, various nut flours including pecan and Brazil nut (yum!) and all the extras you might need to get your gluten free baking kicks. I ordered a few bits, so look out for some new and exciting breads, muffins and cakes coming your way soon. I might have to take up some sort of sport to burn off the carbs, but it will be worth it!

The site is called Dietary Needs Direct and you can order anything from one bag of flour to a whole cupboard full. They charge postage on the weight of the package, not at a flat rate - so don't buy lots of glass containers! I'll put a link up on the side bar too.