September 25, 2007

Turkish Delight Martini

This is a variation on my previously posted Rose Martini, and has obvious similarities. I was so taken (mostly with the packaging) of the Trenet rose petal schnapps that I just had to make a cocktail with it. Undiluted rose schnapps is the most lurid colour, yet partnered with gin and shaken over ice, it becomes a delicately rose pink cocktail. This recipe makes 1 glass, so multiply it by however many you wish to make (drink). I wouldn't make more than three at once though unless you have a giant cocktail shaker.

Turkish Delight Martini

50ml rose petal schnapps
tsp gin
tsp martini bianco
2 tsp rose water
½ tsp orange flower water

Chill a martini glass in the freezer or fill with ice. Pour all the ingredients quickly into an ice filled cocktail shaker and swirl without shaking until the outside of the shaker is frosted - 30 seconds.

Strain into the martini glass. For added camp pop a piece of icing sugar coated Turkish delight into the glass, or float a pink rose petal on top. Some pistachio ricciarelli would be great here. Will dig out a recipe and post later.....