Oral Excitement

That made you look huh? Well I'm not talking about anything more seedy than aniseed, which I have been searching for to put in my Pan De Higo. Our local health food shop said they could order a kilo, but nothing less and I can't see making that much aniseed tea (not even Nick's exuberant digestive system needs that much calming). So I had a mooch online and found a great site (spicy spicy) selling all sorts of things to tantalise the taste buds; lemon myrtle (supposed to be even more lemony than lemon), urfa biber (pepper) flakes (like pul biber but even more savoury, smoky and delicious), tooth picks made from cinnamon bark and wattle seed (tastes like nutty, coffee, bitter chocolate). So I ordered a few bits and pieces and am salivating wildly as I await their arrival.