Louise Hay

After my reference to Louise Hay I thought I would go check out her website - the link is on the previous post. I only refer to her because when I was growing up in the 'commune' every illness, accident and physical defect would be referred back to, 'you can heal your life' (one of her books) and given a quasi psychological explanation. For example, you have ear ache, what is it you don't want to hear? You hurt your leg, why are you making your journey hard? Or something like that. Now part of me believes this stuff, in so much as all illness comes from physical stress or susceptibility to disease. But I don't like cod psychology and I think maybe that's what this is. I thought it was interesting that if you look at the picture of Louise on her website, she has obviously botoxed her facial muscles and had some skin tightening. It seems to indicate a certain lack of connection to the inner Louise if you ask me. Louise darling, beauty comes from within us - don't you forget that.