Happy Feet

Nick was horrified when I told him I was about to write a post on foot files. 'But Naomi!' he gasped, 'everyone I know will think you have scaly feet now - how will I hold my head up in Bridport?'. 'Not so, my love' I replied (with the voice I use for talking to very small and distressed children), 'they will know that I have happy feet, smoothed by my trusty foot file....'

It is true that as a great walker, cyclist, busy mum and wearer of sandals (well silver slippers) my feet do get a raw deal and I have to keep on top of the situation. For years I have used a standard foot file - a large and rather pricey metal emery board. You have to use this type on dry feet, but it's a lot of hard work (although I read once that Sarah Jessica Parker was never without her foot file, sanding away like a little shoe mender on the set of Sex and the City and this lent it a little more panache for me).

So now to the point. I lost my foot file when we moved (or Finley may have removed it to his bulging make-up bag) and was forced to seek out a new one. Only they didn't have any of the emery board type and I had to buy instead a kind of rasp made by Doctor Scholl. When I showed it to Nick, he told me he had several similar items in his toolbox. I was doubtful, but gave it a go anyway. On my dry feet it did nothing very much except chuff them up a bit - not the desired outcome at all and my feet were starting to concern me. A little crestfallen I tried it one day after the shower and hey presto! It worked, with remarkably little effort and my feet were smooth again. I'm converted!