Figs Figs, good for the heart (you know the rest)

Thankyou to la petit chinoise for this photo. I know I seem to be banging on about either figs or rose water at the moment - look would you just give a gal a break here? When I get into something I really like to explore it properly and in the vaguest sense of eating seasonally, to make the most of things when they are at their best. So gather the last of this seasons figs and have this for breakfast or desert. A high calcium treat that will keep you regular.

Figs and Greek Yogurt with Toasted Almonds

Choose nice ripe fresh figs and allow 2 per person.

Cut a cross in the top of each fig and squash it at the bottom so that it opens up like a flower. Put them on a tray and drizzle over a little balsamic vinegar and a light sprinkle of palm sugar (not more than a teaspoon per person) or a drizzle of date syrup or raw honey. If you like cinnamon, you can dust them lightly with this, or a sprinkle of finely ground cardamom (of course at the risk of having too much of a good thing, you could also sprinkle a few drops of rose water in here too).
Put them into a very hot oven (220c) gas 8, for a few minutes just until the juices start to run. Or put under a hot grill, but be careful they don’t catch and burn, let them cool until warm.

Use flaked almonds or chop your own whole almonds. Toast them in a dry frying pan on a low heat, shaking every minute or so until golden tinged and set aside.
Put two figs on each plate and a nice dollop of Greek yogurt next to them. Drizzle over any juices. Sprinkle with flaked almonds. Eat!