Camp Schnapps

I have been experimenting with recipes for rosewater syllabub, having been highly disappointed with the 'Turkish Delight' syllabub in Nigella's, Nigella Bites. (Nigella darling - if I wanted to be hit around the head with a bottle of Cointreau smothered in whipped cream, you and I both know, this blog would be of an entirely different nature). Suffice to say that any Turk worth their salt would balk at this excessive use of booze, lemon juice and orange flower water, a delight it was not.

So I searched in the cupboard and came up with a light and frothy version using fresh pomegranate juice, rose water, vanilla and elderflower vodka. It billowed pinkly out of the glass and tasted of summer. However, the elderflower vodka introduced a note that I felt might be one flavour too much and I wanted something that maintained the purity of rosewater whilst providing the necessary warmth to cut through the cream. A little Internet browse later I had found the delightfully camp rose schnapps pictured above and I await its arrival on Monday. I have also been tinkering with recipes for sable biscuits (from the French sable - meaning sand) aiming to get something that was buttery and crisp without being too sweet or chewy. Several snapped biscuits later I hit on the perfect proportions bound with a dribble of brandy. I will share this recipe with you tomorrow.