the torture of a slow connection

Today I am working on patience and remembering to breathe; in..... and out..... Because I am checking my emails and posting in the library where each page takes an achingly long time to load. I know in my heart that the solution to my impatience lies in being in each moment full; breathing in the wonder of life, delighting in the chance to just 'be' while each page loads. I do actually practice this while in the queue at the post office or waiting for a bus. I love looking at what people have selected to buy in the supermarket or watching them (now I'm starting to sound creepy!). But I am struggling today to apply the simple rules of staying in the present.

We have pretty much sorted out the house, except for my Internet connection which remains stubbornly set in the future. The house has one of those garden swinging chairs that I have previously dismissed as only for old people who can't climb trees and launch out of them on ropes. Now I see that they are something completely different and spend at least half an hour each day gently swinging with my feet tucked up under me, reading a book. The garden gets the sun pretty much all day too and that swing really comes into it's own in the golden light of early evening. Maybe those old people are onto something?