Flower Remedies For PMS

Thanks for this beautiful plum blossom image, www.wildphotolife.co.uk

Although I don't use flower remedies exclusively, they are a useful support to homeopathic treatment and I do use a few. They are great for home use though because they are very safe to use and easy to diagnose. The symptoms for diagnosis are mainly emotional, but like any holistic remedy they will have an action on your whole being - not just your feelings. The following are based on common symptoms of PMS. If you can't find one from this list that sounds like what you are experiencing, look for a book on Bach (Batch) Flower remedies.

Cherry Plum
For uncontrolled outbursts of anger or a feeling that you might be about to lose it. At the end of your tether emotionally. You may feel possessed or think that you are losing your mind.

Crab Apple
For feelings of self dislike. You may have spotty skin or feel bloated or overweight. Your confidence is low, because you think there is something unclean or unacceptable about you. (You can also use this as a face rinse for acne - two drops in warm water and splash after cleansing).

For strong capable people who are overwhelmed by responsibility. Everything just seems too much all of a sudden and you think you can't cope anymore.

Like the name of the flower, this remedy is all about impatience and irritability. Other people get in your way, don't tidy up, the kids won't listen aarg!

This is for mood swings where depression and tearfulness predominate. They just seem to come from nowhere, for no apparent reason.

Where you have been pushing yourself too hard and are simply exhausted, this can help. It is complete exhaustion where you feel you might not be able to get out of bed in the morning. If you are in this state, it is important to try and rest even if it's just for a little while. Also important is avoiding any refined foods, sugars and alcohol.