Today is all about girl's stuff

This image is from Angie Lewin's website;

I woke up at seven this morning feeling horrible. Sicky and fluey with a definate gravel tone to my voice. Eeek! We have a gig tonight! I had to get up to complete six identical shipping invoices and air waybills for some remedies I am sending to Jamaica - no homeopaths there so I treat over the phone. I have to come up with something plausible to write on the invoice that doesn't raise suspicion. You can't state that you're sending homeopathic remedies or they get SWAT teams in to diffuse the package. So I plumped for cosmetics, six lipsticks, eight eyeshadows, some eye pencils and mascara. I was going to put nail varnish on the list, but then thought that the high acetone content might cause problems - am I overthinking this thing? I don't want to get done for fraud, but I also want the remedies to get there.

I went back to bed feeling light headed from all the intrigue and Finley came up to read me some stories - which could have been cute and relaxing, but I had to help him out on the tough words, and you can't do that with your eyes closed. Ratty (the Burmese cat we have on loan) also wanted to join in by sitting on my chest under the duvet and it started to feel like that kids book where all the animals crowd under the mushroom to get out of the rain (the magic mushroom or some similar 70's title). Fin is developing a penchant for, 'girl's things' and decided to go through my make-up bag to see if there was anything old and scary that he could adopt. I wasn' t sure if I was halucinating as each time I opened my eyes Finley's face loomed up with a new exaggerated feature. Sparkly brown lips, black eyebrows (combed), and strange lines drawn with an eye pencil about an inch above his eyelids, rendering him both surprised and evil looking at the same time. We made a little felt bag together that all this, 'girl's stuff' went into for safekeeping and Finley has been mincing around with it over his shoulder all morning. When Joy turned up to take him for a playdate with Spike, he took it with him, still wearing the full face. I hope it doesn't turn out the same as when he showed the girls his tutu at his birthday party........

So somebody sent me a text saying, 'I've got thrush, aarg!, what do I do' and half way through a convoluted explanation I thought I would write it here and everyone can hear what I advise for this troublesome and itchy condition:

Holistic Thrush Treatment

Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of candida, a yeast which thrives in moist and warm conditions. It feeds on sugar, so if you keep getting thrush, try cutting out sugar and alcohol and refined carbs.

To treat an isolated flare-up there are several home remedies that help:
* Have a warm bath and add 10 drops of either lavender, myrrh or tea tree oil that you have stirred into a cup of milk (any milk) to disperse the oil - otherwise it will irritate your bits. You can also add a couple of drops to a jug of warm water and splash your bits with this instead or fill a bowl or bidet.
* Spread live yoghurt over the inflamed area and wear a sanitary towel - do this at home, not when you are out and about or you will start to smell cheesy! Also eat lots of live yoghurt and think about taking a probiotic supplement - not yakult, too sugary.
* drink herb infusions or take tinctures made from any of the following: echinacea, ladies mantle and marigold (calendula). If taking a tincture, don't exceed the quantity stated on the bottle.
* use a condom during sex until you are completely clear and make sure your partner has no itchyness or redness either. This applies even if you use another form of contraception already.

Homeopathic remedies to consider:

KALI MUR usually available as a 'New Era' tissue salt from boots and health shops. The vaginal discharge is thick, white and doesn't smell or itch.

NAT MUR 6c or 30c, discharges are thin and watery and may be accompanied by dryness and itching. You may want to be alone, crave salty foods and feel thirsty.

SEPIA 6c or 30c, thrush often comes on before a period or when a normally energetic person gets run down, sometimes accompanied by a great desire for chocolate or cake! The discharge is usually a bit yellowish and may cause itching and you can feel irritable or PMTish.

PULSATILLA 6c or 30c, like kali mur, the discharge is thick and white or creamy, but it can be thin too. The most important indicator is that it makes your bits sore. You may fancy eating creamy foods or feel really sick after something rich. You want company and fussing.

If none of these fit you, try posting a question and I will see what I can do to help.

I'm feeling much better than I was when I woke up this morning, having taken some Phosphorus. I realised that's what I needed as soon as I started craving ice-cream - doncha just love homeopathy?