July 30, 2007

This entry contains descriptions of snot - those of a delicate constitution look away now

I knew something was up at the Beach and Barnicot. I hardly ever get ill, not more than a day or so anyway - because I make sure I stop, take remedies, eat well etc etc. Last week I just kept on going, thinking, 'I can't be ill, I can't be ill'. I actually thought to myself, 'it's ok, I just need to keep going till after the wedding and then I have a window of two and a half days during which I can be properly ill. It's half way through day two now and I am on the upswing back to health, but my voice is husky and I am coughing up some amazing stuff! Luckily I am fascinated by this sort of thing - I usually have to ask other people about whatever they are coughing up - now I have my own proper illness to investigate.

There's lots of cross referencing to be done in homeopathy. Each symptom you experience has it's own listing in a little book called a repertory (it's like my bible - it even looks like one!). All the different types of anything, physical, emotional or mental you might be feeling are down there - including dreams and delusions. To me it's a great read, but Nick has banned it from the bedroom and breakfast table on grounds of marital harmony. This morning I had the perfect excuse and between bouts of coughing and spitting and examining (eeuch!) I flicked through my book. Of course I actually knew I needed a remedy made from potassium bichromate (Kali Bich) as soon as I felt the pain in the root of my nose and saw the yellow snot because after a while you just cross reference all this stuff in your head. Still like to look at the book though and hope that some day a patient will come with, 'the delusion he is made from parchment' or 'stomach as though filled with ants'. My favourite is, 'a clucking noise made by the stomach after eating' simply because I once heard Danny Baker describe how David Guest (who we love to mock) made a clucking noise when he ate - I came across it one day listed in the repertory and fell about laughing (as Nick is fond of saying while he rolls his eyes - homeopathy joke - ie, not very funny). Us nerds, we got to just keep on doing our thing, because the world doesn't understand us......