Cranial Torched My Stagefright

I used to sing folk with an accapella group in my teens when Bridport was having a folk boom in the late eighties - yes I know the rest of you were new romantics, well I guess we were just romantics. When I moved up to London, apart from the odd Irish session complete with old men weeping into their guinness after every song, I kinda let it slide. I finally moved back to Bridport last year having married my college sweetheart and had a little boy (more about that in a minute).

After years of singing lullabies and nursery rhymes, I found a little group of musicians and we formed a band - Woo Hoo! Only I didn't realise that I had developed stage fright in the meantime. Now I'm a homeopath, I should be able to sort this out right? You know what they say about physician heal thyself, I guess that applies to me, because although I was chugging back the remedies, they were only taking the edge off my panic. When you panic your mouth goes dry and your throat tightens up - you can imagine how that affects my singing!

I was booked in to see a local Cranial Osteopath because I have also been having a little neck trouble (I'm hyper-mobile which means I can still put my foot behind my head after weeks of lying on the sofa. It sounds good but actually it causes all sorts of problems). When I went for the cranial she asked me if the birth of my son had been traumatic and I told her yes; 52 hours of trying to push a 9lb 13oz bowling ball out backwards followed by the biggest spoons I have ever seen (and I do catering work) pulling Finley out when my body refused to do it anymore.

Cranial is super gentle, just lying there while the Osteopath gently holds your head or presses your back. The idea is that by changing the way the energy flows through your body, it corrects itself - it seems to complement homeopathy beautifully. During the session I had this sense that I was floating up out of my body. I had this image on the back of my eyelids of a pinkish head and spine lying there underneath me. I felt completely at peace. When the session ended I sat up and caught sight of myself in the mirror, I was grinning idiotically in that lazy eyed way stoners do. Boy was I spaced out! Jenny said she felt quite overwhelmed by what had just happened and felt that a huge amount of anxiety had come out of my body - anxiety that I must have been holding onto since the traumatic labour.

Last night we had our first gig since that session and I didn't have a moment's panic. I even forgot to take my anxiety remedies. I also noticed that my voice was clearer and my breathing better. I really, really enjoyed it for the first time in years. Looking forward to the next gig on wednesday at the Beach and Barnicot. I'll let you know how it goes, unless I think of something in the meantime.......